Why Not Take Snoring Problem Casually!

Snoring Problem

Snoring is usually taken as a very normal and ordinary problem. It’s more common in men than women and adults than in children. Unless it starts annoying our family lives or causes us the sleepless night, we never think of approaching for medical assistance to get rid of it. But it is worth a consideration, that these snores can be an indication of some sort of a severe sleep disorder like sleep apnea. Understanding the health risk caused due to snoring, there are various anti-snoring treatments available ranging from nasal devices, dental mouthpieces to surgeries. To know more about most popularly used anti-snoring equipment you can go through vitalsleep reviews.
As per www.health.com, there are potential health problems associated with snoring especially its advanced version of the sleep disorder known as obstructive sleep apnea.
Some of the reasons for snoring are:
1. Aging: With aging, the muscles in the body starts losing its tone and get relaxed. This process also affects the throat and tongue muscles which relax and obstructs the airway.
2. Increased weight: If a person is overweight, he tends to have fat accumulated on the issues in the throat and also have loose muscles which are restricted smooth breathing and hence causes snoring.

3. Alcoholism and smoking: Intoxication through alcohol or cigarettes majorly affects the throat and nasal passage and causes inflammation and irritation which swells up the muscles and block the airway.

4. Posture while sleeping: Using appropriate pillow is very important while sleeping. Based upon your posture, there are more chances of the throat muscles to fall back and obstruct the airway. Sleeping sideways is one way to reduce the intensity of snoring.

5. Nasal infection and sinus: Due to any infection there can be swelling in the nasal passage which causes hindrance for the air to pass through smoothly, hence causing snoring. Sinus is a medical condition wherein deviated septum causes imbalance in the nasal passage size. In severe cases, this may result in sleep apnea which is basically difficulty in breathing while sleeping.

In moderate cases of snoring, it may not be that fatal, but in extreme disorders like Sleep apnea, there are various health risks which may arise:
• Strokes: This life-threatening medical situation can be caused due to narrowing of arteries in the throat due to fatty deposits. The higher the intensity of snores, higher is the possibility of getting hit by a stroke.
• Heart problems: Due in insufficient oxygen sent to heart in case of sleep apnea, cardiovascular complexities like high blood pressure or artery diseases may develop which can cause fatal heart attacks.
• Arrhythmias: People with a prolonged complaint of snoring may develop irregular heart beating speed. Sometimes it may beat too fast or too slow which is called as Arrhythmias. This medical situation can cause major cardiac issues.
• Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease: This is a digestive disease wherein due to blockage of the throat the air pressure variates in the body causing acidity, and the acid generated move into the esophagus while sleeping causing irritation and pan.
• Mental health: Since due to snoring or loss of breath, sleep is never complete and this situation slowly starts affecting our mental health. Ailments like depression and anxiety and lack of confidence in the personality of the individual and the common effects.

Other side effects and symptoms which arise due to snoring are severe headaches and hangovers, lose control of bladder (Nocturia) and disturbed sex life. By timely realization of the intensity of snoring, the harm it is causing to our body and using appropriate anti-snoring aid, you can rectify the same.

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